Josh In Space

04 Nov 2008

My three year old -- I mean three and a half year old -- son Joshua loves everything spacey. In fact, one of his favorite cardboard boxes is the cardboard box we turned into a rocket ship.

On the weekend we took that rocket out to the local cosmodrome for a test run. The following is the result:

If, like Nick, you think I left poor little Joshy in the middle of a big car park, rest assured that the whole shot is a green screen effect. He never left the safety of our kitchen and Final Cut Express' Chroma Key filter:

The green screen setup turned out to be reasonably simple: one king-size green bed sheet and a 500W work-light from the local hardware store. What took the longest (about 3 hours) was the motion tracking -- making sure it looked like the rocket ship was sitting still on the ground while the hand-held camera jumped about. I started out reasonably fussy with the motion tracking, but got quite sloppy at the end (not that you can tell thanks to the soft-focus that is Youtube). Next time I'll either try out some of the motion-tracking plugins you can buy, or just use a tripod.

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