From yay to nay in 16 minutes

30 Jan 2008

Via the teaparty:

10:49:42 PM spud: it's finally being pooped out
10:52:58 PM michael: @spud: gentlemen, start your parentheses!
10:59:10 PM spud: "Arc only supports Ascii. I realize that supporting only Ascii is uninternational to a point that's almost offensive ... But the kind of people who would be offended by that wouldn't like Arc anyway." Well, now I don't like it... shesh!
11:00:23 PM adrian: Ewwww.
11:00:37 PM conor: too full of himself
11:00:49 PM spud: that's paul g all over
11:01:11 PM spud: I like the direction erlang went, it doesn't have a char type, just uses lists of ints
11:01:17 PM conor: probably only 7bit ASCII
11:01:27 PM * adrian likes the name Erlang.
11:01:39 PM conor: Having done traffic engineering, I find it difficult to use a language called Erlang
11:01:48 PM spud: ?
11:02:10 PM adrian: Erlang is the unit of measurement of telecommunications traffic.
11:03:28 PM adrian: 1 erlang = 100% occupancy
11:02:57 PM spud: wow didn't know that
11:03:07 PM michael: so it's for stupid mono-lingual programmers writing software for other stupid mono-lingual programmers without funny accents in their names? please!
11:03:57 PM spud: I'll wait for Erlang 2.0 then
11:04:02 PM peter: Riley (read any 2 yearold) = 2 erlang
11:04:09 PM conor: I'm a .5 Erlang developer
11:04:11 PM spud: @peter lol
11:05:49 PM spud: meh fuck lisp
11:06:18 PM spud: that took 16 mins
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