Netbeans day: morning

08 May 2007

After a quick visit to the Apple store, I spent the morning at the CommunityOne event (ala Netbeans day).

The first general session included a chat by Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green. Although they jumped around a little, they kept coming back to "Java is too hard" (Jonathan's words). I suppose that it is a reasonable (or at least expected) schpeel if you are pushing a tools platform like Netbeans. That didn't stop me from rolling my eyes when they said that; but at the same time there is a small part of me that said "damn straight". That part of me is a little bugger to try and pin down and interrogate, so I don't have much more to say on the topic yet; but I hear that voice all the time when considering new potential features like closures in Java.

After the general session, the Java Posse recorded a podcast. Definitely a funny bunch, and particularly gratifying that both FishEye and Crucible were in their "top 10 tools we use" list.

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