Netbeans day: arvo

08 May 2007

The "JRuby: understanding the fuss" talk was very interesting. I was surprised to see how rich and "deep" the Ruby mode in Netbeans was. And step-debugging through lines in .rhtml files was a very neat trick. They asked how many people in the audience liked doing webapp development using their framework of choice. The response should neither shock nor surprise: very close to zero.

Tor found a few bugs in Netbean's doco-popup support, which was funny for us and no doubt useful for him.

The JRuby presentation was structured very well, which couldn't really be said for Gosling's "Netbeans Toys" segment that came next.

Gosling was his usual self: excited yet monotone, and not giving anyone an inch. I suppose it is a hard task to come up with an interesting "toy" story involving Netbeans, and none of the presenters were up to the challenge. There were about 8 too many class diagrams in the RDF presentation (and, wtf, between alt-tabbing windows I could see his Inbox unread count; it went from 2800 one minute to 2934 the next). The JMF guy was dropping frames like there was no tomorrow. The best effort was put in by Bob Beasley and his D.O.R.K. device. I give the man full credits for showmanship, and those SunSpot jobbies look pretty cool.

Tomorrow: JavaOne day one. 9 hours on my feet, hopefully I'll get to the Closure Technical session during the day, and the Closure and Java Posse BOFs in the evening. The Java Puzzlers TS will be a stretch-goal.

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