Laughing out loud

08 May 2007

I work 99.9% of the time from home. But I keep in mostly constant contact with the gang through IRC and IM. This of course brings with it the usual accompaniment of standard (lol, rofl, bbiab, ack, nak) and non-standard (co=cool, swee=sweet, mo=mos='o=morning) shorthand phrases.

Inevitably, at least for me, this physical-isolation but virtual-colocation has lead to me tuning down the physical component of communication. For example, I may not be actually laughing out loud even when I'm lol-ing on the inside.

So I always enjoy the time I get to spend with the boys at JavaOne, and as Conor's weird look to me this morning can attest to, I still do laugh out loud (as seen on IRC and heard in the hotel room):

spud: as conor can confirm: laughing-out-loud
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