Best cheesey-cheese

16 Feb 2007

Like PragDave, I love a good cheese. Time for everybody's favorite segment: my cheese story of the week.

For our recent anniversary Bron and I went to dinner at Mezzalira, a very nice Italian-based restaurant. Top notch stuff, I had a very nice roast bunny and the tagliatelle Bron ordered was the gold-standard of al dente.

For dessert, I decided to go for some cheese. On my last visit there, they had run out of the cheese I wanted to try. This time around, I ordered the full trio of cheeses.

And I'm glad I did.


A very good smelly cheese. I'm a big fan cheeses blue and pongy. The description on the menu said "on the palate the Gorgonzola has hints of mushroom" which was very true. Three-and-a-half stars.

The cheeses came with a weird little preserved-friut thing (apparently called Mostarda d’Uva). Kinda marmaladey. Went perfectly with this gorgonzola and my glass of port.


They grow this cheese in caves, I shit you not. Well, however they make it, it tasted damn fine. This is a "soft" cheese, and was very soft on the mouth, but didn't run all gooey over the plate, either. And when you bite it, the rind has this wicked crunchy/crystally/salty texture, compared to the soft center. Very nice, 4 stars.


A pecorino is a little like a parmesan, but made by squeezing a bleater instead of a moo-er. As a hard cheese, it falls into my normal or "cheesy cheese" category, compared to the gooey or bluey above.

This is, hands down, the best cheesy cheese I've ever had. And even outside of its category, I can't think of a cheese that I've enjoyed eating more.

It was hard enough to crumble slightly, but instead of being super-dry (like many pieces of old parmesan in my fridge) it was almost moist. It definitely had that classic salty taste, and had this great accompaniment aroma.

No question: 5 stars. Best. cheese. ever.

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