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20 May 2006

It's our last day in San Fran, and Terence took us for a nice little tour of the city. If nothing else it was noteworthy because we were finally showed were we could get some good coffee.

We are now sitting in Ritual Coffee Roasters (or "Cafe Web two dot oh" as Terence calls it). Great coffee, lots of couches, and every single punter has a laptop on their knees (about 80% Macs, too).

Spying a soft-bearded man-child on the next table, Brendan and I -- sitting 2 feet from each other -- had this IM conversation:

bph:  note the "Ruby" book stage right. so cool, and yet at the same 
      time, so lame... if you have to buy a book on the subject...
spud: indeed
spud: just had the same thought
spud: and on a related note, can't belive we are having this converstaion
      over IM
spud: and I'm blogging this 
bph:  and I've got a photo for ya

Yep, something very lame going on somewhere there. And so very web two dot oh.

Update: Photo from Pete's camera phone (Brendan left his usb cable in his luggage so his snap is stuck in his camera)

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