His Noodly Appendage

02 Aug 2006

Like shaved Parmesan over a spicy meat sauce, I stay on top of the antics of non-believers at FSM HateMail. And although I am but a midget in the FSM's grand plans, Pastafarian know that we are all His creatures, and that He touches us with His Noodly Appendage.

And lo, today I saw proof! While reading this entry at FSM HateMail, I discovered a hidden sign in the ranting of that unbeliever. Can you see it? (See screenshot at right.) Or maybe the message is intended only for devotees who use Safari. In any event, a clear sign of His Noodly Appendage at work.

For those needing further explanation of this wondrous sight, perhaps it is made clearer in the image below.

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