JavaOne so far

30 Jun 2005

I've been insanely busy; here is the quick update, in close-to chronological order:

Our t-shirt hurling machine finally cleared customs, and we spent about 16 hours on the weekend re-assembling it and trying to get it to work again. Monday was 8 hours on my feet in the Cenqua booth (booth 417, drop by today if you are around). Spoke to bucket loads of developers.

Tuesday we did our tshirt hurling thing at about 10am. We managed to get a few into the audience, but we had some issues (never let software people build hardware). I'll have a more detail blog post (with pictures) about that later. Then another 8 hours at the booth. James Gosling took all the tshirt hirling contestants out to dinner, oh my god I have never had crab so good.

And today (Wednesday), I'm now sitting on the floor of the booth, fighting for a slice of the JavaOne wifi (the inkernet at the hotel is hosed).

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