Weblogic 9.0: the wizzing devil

08 Dec 2004

A friend (fiend?) pointed out that BEA's new Weblogic 9.0 (alias "Diablo") has a new mascot/logo.


How can a $1B Company produce such a horrible mascot; did they outsource their marketing department to a kindergarten? And "It runs like the Devil" is the slogan!? The BEA marketing department sat down, pooled their collective wit and creativity, and came up with... It runs like the Devil?!

And what's with the jaundiced, fat-necked imp taking a wizz? Maybe in the fiery hell-hole it calls home light diffracts according to different rules, but in this plane of existance your shadow is meant to at least resemble the projection of your silhouette onto the ground. Can anyone say "MS Paint"?

This may all sound a bit harsh, and I'm not Picasso myself, but it is quite easy to find people that know how to knock up a good logo. Hell, even a cash-poor Open Source project can come up with good logos.

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