Lucene at Sydney GeekNight

22 Sep 2004

I gave a Lucene presentation to the Sydney GeekNight/SyXPAC group on Monday. Apparently I was quite enthusiastic; which is not that surprising given the atmosbeer and my propensity to do a little hand-waving when presenting. And if your Lucene queries don't execute in under 16ms, well, just blame the beer and not me. :D

I took a quick photo with my phone1. It sums up the whole GeekNight thing nicely. Oh, and I've only just realized how SyXPAC should be pronounced... LOL.

We had a good turn out, and you gotta love the Squires. Will have to make the effort to drive down and attend more regularly.

1 Now that is a sentence that would not have made any sense a few years ago.

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