Back from reef

17 Aug 2004

Just back from a two week holiday ("vacation") in Port Douglas. There is nothing like a fortnight of swimming, sleeping, walks, naps and hazelnut gelato to re-charge the batteries. If you ever have the chance to visit the Great Barrier Reef, I highly recommend going for a snorkel/dive, it was awesome.

I spent all day yesterday clearing my build-up of support requests, so I can now get stuck back into FishEye development. We are pushing towards 1.0 and should go RC in the next month or so.

Also had a few more ideas for some animated blog entires (or whatever-t-f that was). So if that floated your boat, stay tuned.

My wife and I have just finalized the purchase of a new house (our first home), so I suppose I'd better start packing up some of the crap around here.

Moving house, FishEye 1.0 and some more animated blogs: I really know how to load my plate after a holiday!

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