Must have Java book: is Google

07 Mar 2003

I had this chat with OJB the other day:

ojb: suggestion for your blog - name your must have Java book. Only one
ojb: not your top 3
mlq: I don't have any java books (that I use)
ojb: I'd pick
mlq: In fact, the book I use the most would be GOF, but only about 3 times a year
mlq: yeah... haven't read that cover-to-cover yet
mlq: google would be my best java book
ojb: rofl
mlq: no! I'm seriois
mlq: :)

Yep, Effective Java by Joshua Bloch is a great book. But I've only skimmed OJB's copy, I haven't got around to buying my own copy yet. And I'm not sure if I will; now-days I tend to Google first and ask questions (or buy books) later.

The one book I want to pick up is The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. I'm much more interested in books about the craft of programming and software engineering than I am about particular API's, or even paricular languages.

Anyway, the answer to OJB's question "name my must-have Java book" the answer is "I don't have one; I don't own one. Google Is Your Friend".

PS: I don't even use the MSDN search to search MSDN, I use!

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