Ms Yao, you've got mail.

21 Nov 2003

So, Neal posts this to the Javalobby Forums. Yay, if you send a mail, and sign an NDA, you can get early access to JDK1.5. Just say "Neal sent you". It then headlines in the Javalobby Newsletter.

And then we all crashed poor Ms Yao's inbox. Plus I can't imagine how many email harvesters will now capture Ingrid's address; she should very well expect some spam.

But it looks like we will still get access to JDK1.5 a little earlier than planned. Just say "Neal sent you".

Subject: Look what changes you have wrought!
Date: 19 Nov 2003 22:35:16 -0500
From: Rick Ross - JLNews

Hello Javalobby,

First of all, I have been asked by Sun to thank you profusely for your 
overwhelmingly positive response to the CAP program. 
( Poor Ms. 
Ingrid Yao had so much mail from you that it crashed her email account 
twice today. Javalobby members rule! You are the heart and strength of 
the Java developer community.

The CAP program, it turns out, was designed to handle at most about 20 
participants. It's unclear how many requests arrived at Ms. Yao's 
mailbox in the past 24 hours, and they are still streaming in, but it is 
very safe to say that it is well over 20 times 20 and growing. This is a 
truly good thing, but it has created a series of challenges that will 
take a little bit of time for Sun to handle and will require your 
patient support.

The good news is that, as a direct result of your great expression of 
interest in early access to J2SE 1.5, Sun has decided to accelerate the 
schedule for general availability of pre-release J2SE 1.5 build by 
several months. In addition, you will NOT have to to fill out a bunch of 
unwieldy documentation and fax it back to anyone. Instead, you'll just 
be able handle everything through the web, with the end result being a 
simpler process and the convenience you are accustomed to.

The bad news is that this will take a little bit more time. Not much, 
but the reality is that Thanksgiving is right around the corner in the 
US, and there's just no way that everything can be put together quickly 
in a way that Sun's legendary legal experts will approve.

Here's the bottom line. I am assured by the J2SE Steering Committee that 
every possible step is being taken to accelerate the delivery of J2SE 
1.5 builds and get them into your hands for feedback and testing, but it 
just cannot happen until sometime in early December at the earliest.

Sun has  taken a much bigger step in the right direction than they were 
actually prepared to handle. As a result of the response from YOU, Sun 
is now going to deliver early access to J2SE 1.5 probably 60-90 days 
before it would otherwise have become available. They have recognized 
your interest and needs, and they have taken real measures to be 
responsive. This is an example of the leadership we all want to see at 
the center of the Java world, so I urge you to join me in congratulating 
them for making this decision.

Some of you may feel disappointed that you won't have access to J2SE 1.5 
tomorrow, but please try hard to understand the complexity of making 
this rapid change inside Sun's large engineering and QA teams to respond 
to your desires. They are telling the truth, they cannot do it any 
faster today, but perhaps your input in this has helped highlight a 
future path to an even more successful partnership between the platform 
provider and the world of developers who support them so strongly. 
Understand the success that you have caused for all of us, and be 
patient for the time it takes for Sun to change its own mode of 
operations to meet your needs better.

Finally, I just want to say that I am always humbled by the impact of 
the Javalobby's collective input. It keeps me mindful of my own 
responsibilities and grateful for the chance you have given me to try to 
do good things for Java developers. Sometimes it really works, and it is 
one of life's rich rewards when it does. Thank you!

Your friend in Java,
Rick Ross
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