[PPOYCTJD] My cat...

01 Sep 2003

Note: This was written in honour of Post pictures of your cat to Javablogs Day (PPOYCTJD).

This is a picture of my cat.

Okay, sure, it's not a cat. I mean, most cats aren't green, aren't they? Yep, that's right, it's not my cat, it's my kermit. But it is sitting on the lounge. And I could probably squirt water at it if necessary. Would that help?

Also in the above shot is my work desk. That's the foot of my monitor behind the frog's head. To the frog's right, below the pile of paper and CD cases, is a hard disk platen that I use as a drink coaster. Except, I'm using my work phone-list as the drink coaster in this shot. You know how it is.

Underneath the monitor stand is the Emperor and a pink water pistol. They are behind the frogs right shoulder, but are in too much shadow. Here is a better action shot. I've titled this photo "Don't move or the frog gets it". Mr Happy makes an appearance here too. And the disk-platen coaster is in the correct position.

The Emperor is nasty. But no, you are right, not exactly a cat, either.

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