Status: busily coding my ICFP Programming Contest entry

28 Jun 2003

I'm in the middle of attempting the ICFP 2003 programming contest.

I'm sure that the problem has a nice numerical-optimisation solution. But I just don't have the brainspace for that at the moment. So, I've got a solution going that involves a user (ie; "me") ploting a "guide" course around the race track.

I couldn't think of a way to grok the "topology" of the race course and work out a "guide" programatically. So I'm going with my "user guided" approach, and maybe I'll implement a "guide optimisation" step to smooth-out the guide.

I've opened up a page for my entry. It currently has a screenshot of the first course, with a rough "guide" I drew in.

Good old Swing.

It is good to live on the East Australian seaboard. The competition started here at 10am Saturday morning. Much more sensible that "midnight". Wish me luck!

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