Madcapping: Bragging, communities, ads and Zen

27 Jun 2003

Good-old Friday afternoons. Lunch at Silo, some Python code to get stuck into, and the weekend tomorrow.

Bragging rights

The ICFP programming competition starts this weekend. Do you want unlimited bragging rights? I'm gonna give it a go, this year.

Interestingly, in this year's competition you don't submit you program to run on the organisers' computers. Instead you will run your entry on your own computer. Will be interesting to see how this goes.

More bragging

Apparently, OJB thinks I'm not too bad at this coding game. He had this to say of me: "one of best developers I have ever come across in my career."

Cool! Oliver was my trial-by-fire upon entering the work-force. If I'm one of the best, then Oliver made me that way. Thanks mate!


Andrew points out that has a section for JUGs. As one of the wranglers of the Canberra JUG (CJUG) this is interesting. But I haven't made up my mind on how much I trust yet.

The CJUG has a great friendly feel; gotta love a good Java community.

(Java.Blogs was down for a day this week... oh the pain!)


Speaking of Java communities, apparently "Pulled an Hani" is now a usable phrase. Well, if I ever slag someone off enough that I pull such a thing, I hope I do it with enough sass as the original.

Madbean: add free

Played with the idea of installing Adsense... but I ended up agreeing with Alan. It's nice to see ad-free spaces, and it's nice to own one.

The sound of one curly brace flapping

If I ever get around to learning Lisp, I gotta remember to start here. Yeah... who am I kidding. I don't need that much zen.

What is Zen? It's when there is no spoon.

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