[updated] Ant compiler adapter for JSR14 and JSR201 (ala the early-access compiler 2.0-ea)

19 Jun 2003

A couple of months ago, I posted an adapter for Ant that allowed you to use your plain-old Ant files to compile Java code using Sun's early-access compiler.

Well, Sun have released 2.0-ea of that early-access compiler; which adds support for the JSR201 syntactic sugar. It also breaks my compiler adapter, so I've had to update the adapter.

This version supports the 2.0-ea and 1.3-ea early-access releases. Big thanks to Johhny L and Jeremy D. Frens for their patches.



Read the "quick start" and "a more detailed example" sections on this page (I'm hosting the adapter on the Clover site now... Clover has some preliminary support for Generics).

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