I haven't typed an import statement in over a year

16 Jun 2003

I'm reading The Pragmatic Programmer at the moment. Chapter 3 has a section about using power-editors; it has an example showing how easy it is to sort lines of the import section of a Java file in Emacs or vi.

Reading that felt strange. I remember doing the same thing in Emacs before, but I use IntelliJ IDEA for Java files now. But that wasn't the strange thing.

I realized that I haven't manually typed an import statement for over a year.

I don't think I've even seen an import statement for a while. I keep the import statements "folded". IDEA tells me if there is a redundant import statement by "greying" the folded import section, and Alt-Ctl-O fixes that. And it keeps them sorted in the right order, too.

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