Python is slithering onto my radar, again

04 Jun 2003

I've written maybe 10 "real" Python programs. Not "real-world" in the sense that they were used in commercial applications, but "real" in the sense that they were completed programs, often "glue" programs, that solved a real problem (often just a problem for me or my work mates). That probably includes about 2 or 3 Jython programs.

But I now-days, I would never use Python off-the-bat, I'd use Java. Even in many cases where Python might be more suited (like file/text processing). Why? Because I am just so much more familiar with Java, and I have access to some great IDE's, that it just seems like the path of least resistance.

But I may have to change that opinion.

Python has been popping up on my radar just too damn much recently.

It may be time to get back into Python. Anyone know of a great Python IDE?

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