NNTP, RSS, Gmane and Opera-M2

22 Apr 2003

I'm a major mailing-list lurker. But getting all that mail is sometimes annoying; it can take 5 minutes for me to download all my mail in the morning.

OJB put me on to Gmane. It is all good. I much prefer a news (NNTP) type interface than a mailing list.

And speaking of NNTP, for subscribing to RSS feeds, I use nntp//rss. I don't need yet another GUI for reading RSS feeds; every mail client I've ever used had a good NNTP reader built in. And that's where nntp//rss comes in, it sucks down all your RSS feeds and presents them via it's own built in NTTP server. (I don't run it as a service/daemon, I just run it while I'm blog-reading).

So, with Gmane, my mailing-list subscriptions are much easier to manage. But if I was to recommend an email client to use if you subscribe to alot of lists, definitely, definitely check out Opera's M2 client. Just... wow.

I've switched to Opera.

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